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Souris sans fil Voyage 3 Boutons Blanc



€ 29,99
The pocket-size Souris that you can count on thanks to its extra-small design, reliable connection and wireless nano receiver. The Mini Souris is so small itll easily fit in your purse, handbag or pant pocket for extra-portability.

Say good-bye to cords and enjoy wireless freedom (Jusqu'à 10 m (or 33 feet)), so its easy to use your Souris on the couch with your laptopâor even when youre hooking your laptop Jusqu'à your TV.

The nano receiver is so small it stays in your USB portâwithout worry of losing or breaking it. If you do need to remove it, it stores inside the Souris. Youll enjoy the freedom of wireless with more precision and control than your laptops touchpad.

You get the high quality and reliability that have made Logitech the global leader for miceâplus a three-year limited hardware warranty.
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