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Adaptateur réseau Sans fil Routeur AC2600 2.4/5 GHz (Dual Band) Gigabit / Wi-Fi Noir/Anthracite



€ 299,99
Blazing-fast Wi-Fi speeds for all devices

With AC2600 Wi-Fi speeds, a 1.4 GHz Dual-Core Qualcomm® Internet Processor Jusqu'à 8 times more powerful than the average router and Qualcomm® MU| EFX, Greyhound is able to deliver not only incredible Wi-Fi speeds for your newest ac-devices but also a real improvement for older wireless-n devices. Instead of serving one device at a time, as routers equipped with Single-User MIMO have to do, Greyhound can serve multiple devices at once and deliver Jusqu'à 3x faster Wi-Fi to every phone, computer and device in your home. Greyhound also makes sure, that time-sensitive applications such as streaming and gaming are automatically assigned a higher priority than others. Unlike traditional Quality of Service (QoS) which treats every device and application the same, Greyhound is equipped with Qualcomm® StreamBoost®, which responds individually to applications such as Skype, Netflix and Spotify and automatically provides each application with the bandwidth it needs. With Greyhound all applications run smoothly without buffering, even in situations where a multitude of devices demands the routers processing power.

Bigger range and more stable Wi-Fi connections

Greyhounds four antennas can be adjusted to deliver an optimized Wi-Fi range throughout every home, even very large ones. In combination with Beamforming, Greyhound maximizes range, eliminates dead zones and creates more reliable Wi-Fi connections for all devices.
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